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At another conference

Had to drag my ass out of bed after 4 hours sleep.   I was up 'til 2am installing new seats (from a 2004 Lotus Elise MKII 111s).   My seats are pretty thin on padding but the new ones are a little more generous with the foam, and have perforated leather for breathability. 

Sad part is: they fucking kill my back.   The originals are nearly perfect, and all reports said these would be even better.  I can't see the difference in shape, but it puts the pressure in just the wrong place.  *sigh*  Compound that with loss of time/effort/£/sleep and a horrible commute to the conference and my mood was pretty grim

Was is the operative word:  I opened the conference hand out and saw on the first page, in red:

"At any point in the day, customers are welcome to go and try the F1 simulator."

Oh, did i mention that the conference is at the RBS Williams F1 factory/campus?
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Feel my pain

Honestly, 30+ hrs of this over 4 days. How did I survive? :)

As you can see Deb enjoys the Elise too. She also found it cozy... so cozy that for at least an hour or two a day she was in the passenger seat sound asleep... even at full chat through breath-taking highland scenery.

The drive back down the M6/M42/M40 wasn't as bad as I feared. The timing was lucky, and southbound traffic was light. The weather saved it's worst, giving us enough warning to put the top on in time.

It was the first significant mileage I've logged with the lid on. Even the tediously straight motorways weren't so bad... esp. when I realized the view from my seat, and the roar of the exhaust/wind was a lot like that of LMP cars down the Mulsanne straight.

One Lap of Sarthe (Le Mans)" (he's on the straight 34 seconds into that video... it's 3.1mi long, and saw top speeds of 250mph+ and was probably the most terrifying stretch of straight course in the world until they added a chicane mid way to slow things down a touch.)


Comfy, comfy, comfy... not so comfy

After 32+hrs of driving in 4 days, I can report that around the 26th hour, my Elise's driver's seat started to feel "not so comfy."   Although it was nothing a pair of biker shorts wouldn't have prevented.  

The roads in Scotland were pretty fantastic.  Next time I will drive up to John O' Groats. 

Not cut out to be a writer

Like Tom, I'm working on a book chapter too.

I like my output... it's the effort that's killing me.

The last three nights I've gone to sleep after the sun came up, and then getting back at it before 9am...  I still have about 30% to go.

This morning I was dreaming I was talking to a bartender.   He was telling me to stay, and I thought, "I can't.  I've got to get some fucking sleep...  wait I am sleeping..."  

I'm a lucid dreamer, but that's the first time I felt sleepy while I was sleeping.